Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wrap Up of Day Two at SGC Conference

In the hallway to the print room at PAFA, there were some portfolios on display.  I took photos of some of the prints I thought were interesting
This is a detail of a multi block woodcut with the cuts going in two different directions

A very simple woodcut with prominent wood grain that evokes a landscape (sorry for the reflections)

A beautiful two color woodcut

Downstairs in the lobby was this very tall woodcut maybe about six feet high. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the name of the artist.  I love the detail in the lines, they are very small cuts!

This appears to be a monotype, a very simple intriguing image

A wood engraving, the lines are smaller and finer than a woodcut.  Wood engravings use the end grain of the wood instead of the plank, or length or the tree

Along the wall of the graduate studios was this very long panoramic woodcut of a street in Pennsylvania.

I snuck this picture in the gallery before the guard caught me.  A print on wood

I just had to show this crazy bike that rotated over the bar in a restaurant i had dinner in with friends

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