Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Demonstration with Monica Meler, Alternative Approach to Relief Printing

Going back to the SGC Conference, one demonstration I was excited about was with Monica Meler, that made really interesting prints from mat board.
She would carve intricate lacy designs out of mat board that she would print with.  This piece would be taped down to the press bed, as well as the print paper, any kind of japanese paper.
Monica would ink up a sheet of mat board and place it face up, over the cut design.  Acting as a cushion, the design would fuzzily print through the mat board over it.  Here is the impression from the first run.  The inks she uses are very transparent so layers of color could be built up.

The mat board gets embossed by the cut design. Eventually this mat board would be inked and printed on its own from the embossed relief surface

The resulting print on the right

Another print pulled from a different cut mat board piece

The inked mat board on the left, transfers ink to the paper

A detail of the print

I found this printing technique fascinating. I've discovered similar effects from my own printing practice, but not at this level.  I want to try doing of these techniques in my own work.

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