Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Workshop at Abecedarian Gallery July 18th

My next scheduled workshop is July 18th with Abecedarian Gallery in Denver.  It is conjunction with a Works on Wood exhibition held there that I am also exhibiting in. This workshop will be from 10am- 4pm, a nice time frame to get an overview on woodcut printmaking.  Space is limited to 10 students, and I believe four people have signed up so far.  Give Alicia a call to register 720-282-4052

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Soggy Summer Art Fair

The Summer Art Market yesterday was quite wet and cold.  Despite the weather, people came out and were actually buying art!  It was a good day for me, and hope that people will come out today also.
My new piece with butterflies from the Kozo window display hanging in front of it.

My display after a few pieces had already sold

I shared the tent with four other printmakers.  Jane Braley won best of show last year

Rachel Bayse's work

Elizabeth Rouland's work

Paula Bard has wonderful etchings of ravens.  She won the award, Mastery of Media

Grab your umbrella, get bundled up and come today to buy some great art from the Summer Art Market today.  Art Students League 200 Grant St. 10 am- 5pm

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My new "Swatting Away Butterflies From My Stomach" piece is finished!

My previous post showed my butterfly piece in its early stages as it was cut out from the paper.  Today I will show the final stages of putting this piece together.
The board I used to mount the piece was sealed with a water based polyurethane, and two coats of gesso.  Green paper to was glued down first, and was cut to lie just underneath the figure which was glued on top.

The butterflies were carefully glued down in the stomach area of the figure to swarm in a circular pattern.  I kept the left hand separate to glue down over the butterflies.

The finished piece with the left arm re-attached.  I really like how this one turned out, and how the yellows in the green paper pick up on the colors in the butterflies.

Stop by the Summer Art Market this weekend to see "Swatting Butterflies Away From My Stomach" in person.  

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Art Market this weekend

This is the last art fair I will be participating in this summer.  So stop by to see my new work at the Summer Art Market this weekend!  This is a small art fair with a lot of great local artists exhibiting. I hope to see you there!

A new "Swatting Butterflies Away From My Stomach" print in progress

The week before the Open Studios Spring Art Fair I sold my 4' x 4' woodcut print, "Swatting Away Butterflies From My Stomach" to a friend of a studio mate that lived in Massachusetts.  I wanted to display it at the show, and carefully brought it along.  The show went great, and I shipped the piece off to my client after it was over.  Previous to all of this, I had also entered the piece in an upcoming works on wood exhibition at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver. So, since it sold I had to make another print to show.  Here are some in progress photos of how it comes together.
Cutting out the hands 

Each butterfly was individually cut out

Hand printed sheets of paper hanging to dry in the studio.  These will be cut apart and reassembled on to a wood panel

The lower portion of the print hanging to dry

I will post more in progress pictures  tomorrow!