Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scenes from the art fair

Yesterday the weather held off, and it turned out to be a nice but chilly day.  I snuck this picture from my booth.

I reprinted my butterfly piece from last November at White Space not too long ago.  During the week I sold it in my studio, but wanted to bring it to the art fair to show, and possibly take orders for another one.  I was worried about the weather, and thankfully it held off.  Thankfully I brought it to the show because I got a blue ribbon for best of 2-D!  It was very exciting to get an award.

The show goes on today until 5p.m. Stop by ands say hello!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Woodcut Class Number Five

Last night was class number five of my woodcut class.  I am always amazed at the prints students make in class.
Shelly has been making lots of cards.  She came in with a sweet little patterned block that she will use in a reduction print.  

Some of the prints she printed the block in green, and simply turned the block around and printed it again in  a blue.

A drying rack of Shelly's prints

Lydia working on her rooster

Becca's wood block and a proof printed from it

Linda finished her multi-color print for her daughter's graduation gift.  It is an impressive amount of work that she put into it.  I previously posted the first few runs of her print, but am reposting them to show each step all at once.

Step 2-Orange over the first color, yellow

Step 3-Red

Step 4-Green

Step 5- Blue

Step 6-Brown
This piece was an interpretation of Linda's daughter's drawings into wood cut. It came together so nicely don't you think?  This is the most complicated print I've seen a student work on. I can't wait to hear how her daughter reacts to this special gift.

This class is already discussing the schedule for another class this summer.  Anyone have time slot suggestions?  I was thinking about the five Wednesdays in June in the evenings....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Open Studios Spring Art Fair This Weekend

Please support your local woodcut printmaker (that's me) this weekend at the Open Studios Spring Art Fair.  The weather should finally improve by then.  Stop by and say hello.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Woodcut Class Number Four

Some students were out of town on Wednesday so they missed class.  The ones that were there got a lot of work done on their woodcut prints.
Fawn carved a turtle wood block, (on the right) which she printed on to tracing paper (lower left) and transfered it by rubbing on to the next wood block (upper left).  With the image transfered to the next wood block, she can then register and line up her next colors for the background of the turtle image.

Frank quickly cut out this great little white line tree wood block in class and printed it in one session

Linda has been diligently cutting out several wood blocks for a multi-color print.  The first color was yellow

On top of yellow was printed orange. I think she has three of four more colors to go!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

CBCA Print Portfolio Event Last Night

Last night was an unveiling party for a printmaking portfolio I was asked to be a part of as a fundraiser for Colorado Business Committee for the Arts.  The portfolio of prints by four artists, myself, Tony Ortega, Jim Milmoe, and Mark Lunning is only $300.  

Me, Jim Milmoe, Mark Lunning, Tony Ortega

To order a portfolio go to the portfolio page of CBCA's website

My piece was a four color woodcut, "The Spaces In Between"

The first color was a light yellow

Over that was printed a brown ink

The third color,  a light green

The print after the light green was printed

The fourth color, a dark green

The final print

Stacks of prints ready to be signed.  At the top of the photo are stages of printing

Get Excited and Make Things

I forget where I found this image.  It's a fun variation on the popular "Stay Strong and Carry On" posters that are everywhere.  I have a sign I made a long time ago that I keep in my house; Go to the studio and make things. If you haven't made anything in a while, isn't it time?