Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woodcut Class

Last Wednesday night was the second session of a woodcut class that I am teaching in my studio.  Most of the students are still working on their first blocks, but some pulled some if their first prints.
Fawn had taken a class with me before, and cut this lovely magnolia image. She wire brushed out the background to enhance the wood grain.

After giving my lecture on color printing, Becca was excited to try out some techniques with her block.  This actually one run through the press, inked with two rainbow rolls.  No, it's not sushi, but combining two colors together on a brayer to achieve a soft blend.

For Becca's print, I helped her make a mask and stencil to ink up her block. A piece of paper was cut with an x-acto knife in the shape of the mountain.  The top half blocked the sky portion so that the mountain could be inked in the rainbow roll blend of ink.  The bottom half of the paper blocks the mountain so that the sky could be inked in another rainbow roll. This was all printed in one run,  but could also be inked and printed in separate runs to avoid smudging.

Julie was not in the class, but was given private instruction on Thursday mornings, and I thought I would mention her here. She carved this dragonfly which I helped her ink up with the mask and stencil technique.  It turned out to be a great little print! 

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