Thursday, April 29, 2010

Away On Vacation-Back on Monday

I am away in sunny Florida visiting my parents, and lounging on the beach.  On Monday I will be back with new posts. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woodcut Class Number Three

Last night was class number three of my woodcut class in my studio.  It was a busy night of printing as everyone had blocks ready to print.
The class carving away at their wood blocks

Frank's first color of a row boat.  We decided this image will be great as a reduction print

A proof of Lydia's block

The first proof of Melissa's block

The second proof after some more carving

Melissa's project; upper left is the photo, lower left is the wood block, and on the right are  two prints in green and blue.  It's a cute coral pattern isn't it?

Linda is working on interpreting some of her daughter's art work in wood cut as a surprise graduation gift.  Shhh, don't tell!  This is one block, one run, with three colors using a mask and stencil to ink one section blue, the other a rainbow roll of purple and blue.  A nice monochromatic palette

Shelly came  in ready to print this beautiful little goldfish image.  She's printing them as cards.  Whoever receives these cards will be very lucky! It's a three color woodcut. A subtle rainbow roll of orange and yellow on the fish, a green block that was wire brushed to enhance grain, and black

A tray of fish prints

Next week the class is off for my scheduled vacation to Florida to visit my parents.  Class will meet again for #4 session in two weeks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Butterfly Window Display at Kozo Fine Art Materials

Last Friday I installed a butterfly window display at Kozo Fine Art Materials in Denver.  I printed rainbow rolled colors in oranges and blues on mulberry paper, over which I printed five different butterfly woodblocks.  They were then cut out and glued on to mono-filament line. Stop by the store to see them flutter in the window.  They are for sale too! Just $35 for each strand.

Drive By Press at Red Delicious Press this weekend

In Philadelphia at the Southern Graphics Council Conference, I finally saw Drive By Press in action.  This Saturday from 11- 4pm you can have your chance to see them at Red Delicious Press in Aurora.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Woodcut Class

Last Wednesday night was the second session of a woodcut class that I am teaching in my studio.  Most of the students are still working on their first blocks, but some pulled some if their first prints.
Fawn had taken a class with me before, and cut this lovely magnolia image. She wire brushed out the background to enhance the wood grain.

After giving my lecture on color printing, Becca was excited to try out some techniques with her block.  This actually one run through the press, inked with two rainbow rolls.  No, it's not sushi, but combining two colors together on a brayer to achieve a soft blend.

For Becca's print, I helped her make a mask and stencil to ink up her block. A piece of paper was cut with an x-acto knife in the shape of the mountain.  The top half blocked the sky portion so that the mountain could be inked in the rainbow roll blend of ink.  The bottom half of the paper blocks the mountain so that the sky could be inked in another rainbow roll. This was all printed in one run,  but could also be inked and printed in separate runs to avoid smudging.

Julie was not in the class, but was given private instruction on Thursday mornings, and I thought I would mention her here. She carved this dragonfly which I helped her ink up with the mask and stencil technique.  It turned out to be a great little print! 

Monday, April 19, 2010

Photo of Me on Alyson Stanfield's Weekly Newsletter

Last weekend I went to the Create Denver Expo to learn new business practices for creative entrepreneurs.  At the talk with Lisa Call on time management, I saw Alyson Stanfield in the audience.  If you don't know her, you should!  She is very pro-active in helping artists take charge of their art career.  Alyson has a book, her weekly newsletter, podcasts, and more. After the workshop we had a few pictures taken with my friend Kristin Fitzgerrell.

SGC Conference Wrap Up

There are just a few more things I want to show you from the conference.

At PAFA there was a woodcut animation by Tromarama that blew me away.  On the walls were 402 woodcuts that were used in a video for Serigala Militia.  In the center of the room, they showed the video.  You can see it here.

After PAFA, I walked over to Moore College of Art to see the Philagraphica exhibition they had there.
The first piece you see when you enter was a relief tire print installation by Betsabee Romero.
In Mexico, tires are driven until they are entirely bald.  Romero comments on this by carving the tires in relief, and prints them on to scrolls.

After visiting Moore, I ran to Reading market for a quick lunch, then back to the Loews Hotel for the portfolio viewings.  I only took photos of these awesome woodcut "trophies" mounted on to wood.  I forgot the woman's name who made them, I have to dig her card out of my pile of stuff from the conference.  I really, really want to get one for over the fireplace. A little tongue in cheek, no?  Which one??? I'm thinking the moose....

Going to the SGC conference was very inspiring.  I learned a lot, saw some great art work, and met some new people. Next year will be in St. Louis. Want to go?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Crane Building Exhibition during SGC/Philagraphica

The Crane Building in Philadelphia is an old factory turned gallery and studio space.  On the first floor they had several exhibition spaces filled with printmaking. Here are some highlights
I was immediately drawn to these pieces by Piper Shepard




This was a large installation of woodcut printed on fabric over an armature by Brandon Gardner



This was interesting piece on the floor that transitioned from white to black from one end to the other