Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woodcut Class Number Three

Last night was class number three of my woodcut class in my studio.  It was a busy night of printing as everyone had blocks ready to print.
The class carving away at their wood blocks

Frank's first color of a row boat.  We decided this image will be great as a reduction print

A proof of Lydia's block

The first proof of Melissa's block

The second proof after some more carving

Melissa's project; upper left is the photo, lower left is the wood block, and on the right are  two prints in green and blue.  It's a cute coral pattern isn't it?

Linda is working on interpreting some of her daughter's art work in wood cut as a surprise graduation gift.  Shhh, don't tell!  This is one block, one run, with three colors using a mask and stencil to ink one section blue, the other a rainbow roll of purple and blue.  A nice monochromatic palette

Shelly came  in ready to print this beautiful little goldfish image.  She's printing them as cards.  Whoever receives these cards will be very lucky! It's a three color woodcut. A subtle rainbow roll of orange and yellow on the fish, a green block that was wire brushed to enhance grain, and black

A tray of fish prints

Next week the class is off for my scheduled vacation to Florida to visit my parents.  Class will meet again for #4 session in two weeks!

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