Monday, April 19, 2010

SGC Conference Wrap Up

There are just a few more things I want to show you from the conference.

At PAFA there was a woodcut animation by Tromarama that blew me away.  On the walls were 402 woodcuts that were used in a video for Serigala Militia.  In the center of the room, they showed the video.  You can see it here.

After PAFA, I walked over to Moore College of Art to see the Philagraphica exhibition they had there.
The first piece you see when you enter was a relief tire print installation by Betsabee Romero.
In Mexico, tires are driven until they are entirely bald.  Romero comments on this by carving the tires in relief, and prints them on to scrolls.

After visiting Moore, I ran to Reading market for a quick lunch, then back to the Loews Hotel for the portfolio viewings.  I only took photos of these awesome woodcut "trophies" mounted on to wood.  I forgot the woman's name who made them, I have to dig her card out of my pile of stuff from the conference.  I really, really want to get one for over the fireplace. A little tongue in cheek, no?  Which one??? I'm thinking the moose....

Going to the SGC conference was very inspiring.  I learned a lot, saw some great art work, and met some new people. Next year will be in St. Louis. Want to go?

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