Friday, February 12, 2010

Collagraph Class Number Two

Last night was the second session of my collagraph class at the League.  Some students came in ready to work, and others were still building their plates.  Here are some photos of the first prints they pulled.

Mark's first collagraph print

Herb's figure collagraph

This cute little collagraph is printed from buttons!  The right one was printed first, then without cleaning the plate, yellow was rolled with a brayer over it and printed again for the print on the left

Sabyl's sampler plate

The print from Sabyl's plate

A "ghost" print of Sabyl's plate.  It is simply reprinted without reapplying more ink.  The plate still has residual "ghost" ink.  Sometimes the ghosts look better than the first print pulled

Two slight variations of the same print

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