Friday, February 26, 2010

Collagraph Class Number Four

For such a simple printmaking technique, it is so surprising how many variations can be obtained with collagraph printmaking.  The class is making really beautiful prints as you can see below.  Only one more class to go!
Simone inking her plate

Simone's print, the tree branches are not inked, but simply embossed on the paper

Victoria's plate made mostly of wallpaper samples

Victoria's print

Sabyl's print

Two of Anthony's prints

Two versions of Kerrie's prints-she claims to have no previous printmaking experience, but we all think she's a ringer.  Her prints are so simple and lovely.

1 comment:

Susan J. Maxwell said...

I really like your classes and your way of teaching.

I am trying to talk my husband in letting me store the printing press in the sacred garage. (that is his domain)
We will see.
See you last class on Thursday night.
p.s.the towels are great!