Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Collagraph Class at the league

On Thursday last week I started teaching a collagraph class at the Art Students League of Denver.  No matter which class I'm teaching, most of the first night is spent with my introductory lecture and demonstration.  It isn't until the second class that the students get going on their own projects.

Collagraph (glue writing) printmaking is primarily an additive process used to make collaged printing plates. Materials are glued or painted on a plate that can be printed as an intaglio plate, or rolled with a brayer and printed in relief, or printed in combination with each other.

Some of my collagraph plate demonstrations
Left; The collaged plate  Right; the print pulled from it.  Ink is wiped into the recesses(intaglio wipe), and the surface is wiped clean.  Smoother surfaces do not hold ink as well as textured surfaces.

Left; The plate  Right; The print that was first intaglio wiped, and then surface rolled with a blue ink on top

Two prints pulled form the same plate. The right print was surface rolled with a light blue ink over a dark ink

I will post more photos as the class prints their own projects.  Tomorrow will be the next session.

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