Monday, February 22, 2010

Collagraph Class Number Three

The collagraph class I'm teaching at the League is well under way.  It is fun to see what everyone worked on during the week in between, and how their prints turned out.

All of the prints pinned up 

Simone's relief rolled collagraph - we all thought it looked like an Oprah tree

Two versions of Sabyl's print

Sabyl's plate on the left, and the print pulled from it on the right

Mark silk-screened the orange ropes on the paper before printing the dark rope shape over it. He made the collagraph plate for this image by silk-screening gel medium on to mat board, and sprinkling carborundum into it to make a photo-collagraph.  After it dried, the plate was sealed, and then printed.  

Victoria's nests.  Her plates were made with raffia and string glued down to mat board   

The print on the left, pulled from the plate on the right

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