Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woodcut Class with Lifelong Learning

Last night was the last night of a six week workshop with the Lifelong Learning program. I had a wonderful group of students that made me laugh, while they made some great prints. I will miss spending my Wednesday nights with them.
Candi's tortuga
and her Virgin printed on to wood

and another Virgin printed on to wood. I had Candi paint the wood block with inks like a white line print. The wood block was painted, and then printed on to wood instead of paper

the tortuga and feather printed together

the feather and the Virgin on red paper

Candi hiding behind her feather print

Cathy's first wood cut print
The first color of Cathy's second multiple block print

Second color

Two prints with the last color.  Cathy adjusted the color on the right print to pop a little more than the one on the left

Ella did a great wolf woodcut

Linda carving her woodblock
I had the students on the last class experiment with chine' colle.  Linda cut pieces of paper to fit her woodblock cut shapes, and painted pva glue on the back.  When they are placed glue side up on to the inked block, a clean sheet of paper is placed down.  The whole thing is glued and printed at once.  Everyone had fun playing with this method.  You can see how many variations Linda got with one wood block!

Sheeri's glass eye-she kept telling me the name of it, and I forget what it's called..

Rachel may have been the most prolific student in the class.  She made lots of prints!
Rachel's wood blocks and prints

and her ship
and her tree.  I thought this wood make a great t-shirt design
and some of her cards.  Wouldn't you love to get one of these cards?

This was a great group of students.  Tonight I will finish my class at the League, and will post their prints tomorrow

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Hi there! I love the tree image. Is there any way for me to contact the artist about using it for a website? Thanks! You can email me or have her get in touch at