Friday, November 19, 2010

Last class at the Art Students League

Last night was the final class that I taught at the Art Students League in Denver.  The students there made some really great prints.
Denise was very ambitious with a multiple block print of her garden shed. Here is the first color in amber

The second color was in dark brown

The third block had two colors.  A light green on top, and a darker green on the bottom 

The fourth block was printed in red

The fifth and last color was printed in grey.  We scrambled up to the last few minutes of class to finish printing this image.  This print turned out so well, don't you think? 
This is Amy's two color woodcut of a lava flow in Hawaii
Lorna did this woodcut in a single color, and chine colle'd pieces of paper down for the topiaries and planter

This print of a gecko by Lorna has chine colle pieces of paper for the colors under the print

This was a two block, three color print of the gecko

Tony Ortega was also in my class, and I can't believe I didn't photograph his woodcut of a chihuahua! Sorry Tony, it was fun having you in the class. 

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