Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Carving Gloves

Recently I've finished carving a large 4 foot by 3 foot wood block for a commission. Last week was spent carving this large block, and spreading wood chips all over the place as you can see in the photo below.
Wood block in progress

When carving for extended periods of time, I need to wear gloves to protect my hands. If I use the same tool repeatedly, it begins to rub a sore spot in my hand.

This is a simple piece of leather cut with two finger holes to wear when I use a mushroom handled carving tool.  I hold this style tool in between my thumb and fore finger, which gets sore after carving for long periods of time.

I occasionally use an old leather gardening glove, but it's big and awkward.  

The gloves I've been wearing lately are fingerless gloves from Urban Outfitters.  I feel pretty cool wearing them with the rivets on the top.  They protect my hands pretty well, but aren't ideal.  As I rest my hand on the block when I carve, my pinky finger rubs and gets chafed. Maybe I need to modify a pair of thin leather gloves that fit all of my needs for carving.

Do you wear protective gloves for wood block carving?  What kind works well for you?

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