Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wedding Invitations

Printing your own wedding invitations is a daunting task. It is such an important project that represents not only the wedding, but also your art and craftsmanship to everyone on your guest list. I carved four woodblocks of palm trees before I settled on the right one to use for the invitation! The trees represented Paul and me, him being the taller one, standing next to my shorter tree, growing together side by side.

The third version of palm trees

Final version of invitation

I made solarplates for the text on the invitation, rsvp, and return addresses on the envelopes. It is a light sensitive plate that is exposed with a negative, and washed out with water. After hardening the plate under UV light, I used it as a relief plate to roll with ink I hadn't made a solarplate in a longtime, and had to make several plates before getting the fonts to look right. Some fonts I chose were too delicate for the process, and had to change to a slightly thicker font that would print well.
Rsvp and rsvp envelope printed with a solarplate and woodblock seashell

Solarplate, woodblock, and invitation

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Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi theresa!
oh my gosh! all of the pieces you made are absolutely amazing!
happy 4th to you and paul!
:) melissa