Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saturday's card workshop

I've been busy this week, but wanted to post some photos of the card workshop I held last Saturday in my studio. I had several returning students come to have cookies and cider while we laughed and made Christmas cards. We used linoleum instead of wood for faster and easier carving, and water based inks so they would dry in time for them to take them home. The cards came out great as you can see below.
Diana's snow flake in several colors

Kris's partridge

Larry's Madonna and child modeled after a Botticelli painting

Sabyl's trees printed on paper with little squares embedded in it

and without the squares


and on a patterned paper

Susan's abstract head

I had a lot of fun organizing this workshop, and I think the students did too.  This will have to become an annual event.

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