Thursday, May 13, 2010

Woodcut Class Number Five

Last night was class number five of my woodcut class.  I am always amazed at the prints students make in class.
Shelly has been making lots of cards.  She came in with a sweet little patterned block that she will use in a reduction print.  

Some of the prints she printed the block in green, and simply turned the block around and printed it again in  a blue.

A drying rack of Shelly's prints

Lydia working on her rooster

Becca's wood block and a proof printed from it

Linda finished her multi-color print for her daughter's graduation gift.  It is an impressive amount of work that she put into it.  I previously posted the first few runs of her print, but am reposting them to show each step all at once.

Step 2-Orange over the first color, yellow

Step 3-Red

Step 4-Green

Step 5- Blue

Step 6-Brown
This piece was an interpretation of Linda's daughter's drawings into wood cut. It came together so nicely don't you think?  This is the most complicated print I've seen a student work on. I can't wait to hear how her daughter reacts to this special gift.

This class is already discussing the schedule for another class this summer.  Anyone have time slot suggestions?  I was thinking about the five Wednesdays in June in the evenings....

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