Monday, March 29, 2010

Southern Graphics Council Printmaking Conference

Last Wednesday I flew to Philadelphia to attend the Southern Graphics printmaking conference.  It was four days of art openings, demonstrations, lectures and demonstrations.  I walked back and forth through downtown attending all of the events. Over the next few posts I will share some photos (mostly focused on woodcuts) that I took of the conference.

On the first day, I missed my plane driving through the snow storm in the early morning.  I arrived on the next flight, checked in to my hotel, and figured out how to get to the first events. Outside of the University of the Arts, some hand printed posters were pasted on to plywood.

A window installation by Crystal Wagner in the window of the University of the Arts

After seeing a silkscreen event at the University of the Arts, I went to Drive By Press that had set up presses on the street in front of the Print Center. They were printing t-shirts and posters for sale.  I got a unicorn t-shirt on the far left.

They had a tower of Bable installation covered in woodcuts printed on fabric.  Drive by Press is run by Greg Nanney and Joseph Velasquez, and travel around the country teaching printmaking to schools and art centers with their mobile presses.

The riding press.  A wood block is placed face up, then the paper, blankets, and finally the curved wooden "press" is placed on top, and is ridden by a mortified female wearing a cowgirl hat as someone rings a cowbell and the crowd screams.  Whee!

Inside the Print Center it was crowded, but a little quieter.  It was hard to take photos of the work amongst the people.

Eric Avery "Paradise Lost"

I forgot to take a picture of the toilet seat, it was sandblasted with text that imprinted text upon the people that sat on it.

A big woodcut of a mexican wrestler

More posts tomorrow!

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