Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last reduction Woodcut Class

Thank you everyone who came out to visit me and my studio during the Open Studio tour in Boulder. Over the two weekends, I saw lots of familiar faces, and many new ones.  Despite the cold weather, and economy, it turned out to be a good Tour.  It feels so good to receive such great support for my work.  

Last Thursday was the last class of my reduction woodcut workshop at the Art Students League of Denver.  I was impressed with how great all of their prints turned out.  The reduction process was intimidating for them at first, but they for the hang of it pretty quickly.  Here are the last versions of the students reduction woodcut prints.

Jessica's third color orange, over yellow and blue

Jessica had a small edition, so she had time to add one more shade of dark orange 

Kelly didn't make it to the last class since she was going to Japan the next day after class!  Though she didn't finish her print, she made some progress printing more colors.  Both shades of green were inked through a stencil.  I'm sure she'll finish it when she returns from her trip.

I hadn't been able to show Ann's print until now because the colors she used were so light, they were hard to see.  This is her final print with three colors, a light blue, medium blue, and brown.  I like how expressive her carving was executed.

Debby's last color of burnt orange, which looked great over the rainbow roll  of yellow and green.

Laura didn't get to finish by the end of class, but her print shows great skill and precision in carving.  She has been working on her own time in the studio and printed blue over her first colors.  

"Simone" had a great  time playing with different papers, and two images.  We couldn't decide if this was a chicken or a rooster, but since it had eggs, it must be a chicken!  Here it is in black on red paper.

Simone's chicken with red printed over yellow

The chicken with black over red and yellow.

Simone's fish with the third color dark blue.

Liddy had a very simple image, which was her metro card while she was in school in San Francisco.  It turned out to be a great graphic, and bold print.  The last color she printed was the black lettering and icons.

Sabyl's graphic design background shows in her woodcut print. She tied all of the elements in her print together so well.  The smaller elements in her image were inked separately with small brayers, and run through the press in one run.

Larry finished his print by giving his lady red hair, some yellow details, and dark blue around her.  I like how he went with the bubbly block instead of starting over.  It adds another layer of interest and texture to the image.

After six weeks of classes, the registration guide got a lot of use, and has the stains to show for it.  This was a fun group of students, and I will miss them. Which woodcut prints did you enjoy the most?  Was it informative to see over the span of posts to see how the prints progressed?

Tomorrow night I start another class in my studio with the Lifelong Learning Program.  Stay tuned for another series of posts on the next class. 

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