Saturday, September 19, 2009

Woodcut Class Number Three

My woodcut class at the Art Students League that I am teaching was busy Thursday night printing the first colors of their reduction woodcut prints.  They were all very ambitious, printing around twenty sheets of paper to make sure they would get enough prints by the end.  Here are some of the prints they have made so far;
Sarah's first color-blue (Correction, Simone)

Larry's first color-light tan

Debby's first color-yellow

Jessica's prints of her first color-blue


Susan J. Maxwell said...

Hey Theresa,

It's great to see your blog-only my name is Simone (really Susan) not Sarah. I am excited about working again on this print. -Simone (a.k.a. Susan)

Maduba said...
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Maduba said...

I love this week's blog entries. Thanks for the support on my first foray into woodblock prints. Like I said in class, I want to be a friend of woodblock printing but the jury's out whether it wants to be mine.

Jessica said...

I'm excited to see the next layers of color from everyone. The prints are really going to start coming to life!

See you Thursday :)